Custom Bike Stolen From Boy With Cerebral Palsy

To nine-year-old Shaden Boston, who has Cerebral Palsy, a custom bike that his family spent months raising money for has provided him independence and freedom. On Tuesday night, however, that sense of freedom was violated when the bike was stolen from the family’s front yard in Winnipeg, Canada.

“The bike meant so much because Shaden was diagnosed with CP at [the age of] two and he’s never been able to ride a bike,” said Shaden’s mother, Rochelle Richards. “He’s got two older brothers that get up and go, and it’s heart-breaking for him to be left behind.”

Shaden was out with his friends that evening when he came home for a quick drink of water. He locked his bike on the front porch and came inside for less than 10 minutes when he suddenly noticed his bike was gone.

Shaden tells CBC News, “My two brothers went on their bikes to try and look for it, and we haven’t found it. And I was just shocked that someone had stolen it.”

Rochelle immediately called police and took to social media to spread the word in hopes of seeing of bike returned. The family just wants it back — no questions asked.

Fortunately today, local radio host Ace Burpee of Virgin Radio heard about Shaden and his stolen bike, and decided to ask his listeners to help. According to Winnipeg CTV News, within 15 minutes, enough money was raised to buy a new bike for Shaden!

“It was going to be a long time to save up for that bike again and just to see how heartwarming people of Winnipeg can be with the donations coming forward – it’s amazing,” said Rochelle.

UPDATE: On Friday, September 26, the stolen bike was returned! After posting on social media about the bike, Shaden’s mother received several messages from a family that found the bike. Someone had sold it to them for the parts, but they recognized it on social media and brought it to the family. “I just feel so happy right now,” said Shaden.