Adaptive Bikes For Children With Cerebral Palsy

Many of us can remember the first time we rode a bike. When mom or dad let go of the seat, we were on our own! We found our balance, and with that we found freedom, a feeling like we could fly anywhere. This is an experience that any parent would want to share with their child, and thanks to advancements in the realm of outdoor recreation, adaptive bikes now allow children with Cerebral Palsy to join in on the fun.

The concept of an adaptive bike is simple: modify cycles to fit the user. No two disabilities are identical, and so, there is a multitude of modifications to accommodate for all abilities. Generally adaptive tricycles work best for individuals with special needs. Research and development over the past decade have produced a variety of adaptive cycling equipment, making it possible for nearly everyone to ride. With the proper modifications, children with Cerebral Palsy who find it challenging to push the pedals due to limited strength, can move the bike independently.

Carolyn Knuckles has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy and shared with us how the adaptive bike has improved her daughter Jana’s quality of life:

“Jana has the independence and freedom with this bike that she never gets to experience otherwise. This added mobility encourages her and inspires her, along with everyone that knows her.”

Courtesy of mother, Carolyn. Instagram: @carolyn_knuckles

Adaptive bikes allow children with special needs to enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling. This opens doors for children with Cerebral Palsy to participate side by side with their able bodied siblings and friends. The new range of movement enhances communication to the brain and builds cardiovascular fitness. But most of all, the confidence and independence gained is priceless.

The price for an adaptive bike can range anywhere from $800-$3000. For many, this takes a period of diligent saving, but for all that decide to do so, they feel it is completely worth it. There are also many organizations who have programs that gift children with special needs bikes. This amazing 11 year old, Tommy Crisp took matters into his own hands and raised over $2000 for his 9-year-old brother Kale, who has Cerebral Palsy, to have his own adaptive bike.

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