9 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Children with Limited Mobility

Holiday Decorating

Children love decorating and seeing their pieces being on displayed. When a child has limited mobility, they may have a harder time participating in decorating and start feeling left out. It is essential that there are things that they can help out with so they can feel included. Something as simple as picking out color and designs can help get children involved. Therefore, we have 9 decorating ideas that children with limited mobility could participate in.

  1. Window Stickers. Stickers are so fun for children to begin with and applying them to windows can be a great way to jazz up boring areas of the house. This site shows how to make paint and then just using cookie cutters and wax paper turns it into re-usable window stickers. The child can decide on colors and cookie cutter designs. They can be involved with as much as possible. They can help apply and re-apply the stickers to windows (if they are in height view). You can also make stickers based on different holidays so the child is always seeing the season change throughout the year. Making window stickers can be an easy and cheap way to involve your child in decorating windows.
  1. Ceiling Swirls. Ceiling swirls can be a great way to decorate for a party. All you have to do is buy colorful poster board and cut it out into swirls. Tape it to the ceiling and you have a cute way to dress up a room. Have the child pick out the poster boards and direct you when hanging them up. They will take pride in picking out the colors and location. It is a great way to get your child involved with party decorating. Plus, it is super cheap!
  1. Thanksgiving Table Runner. Thanksgiving is a great time to get your child involved. They may not be able to help cook dinner, so having them help with a table runner is a great idea. Grab a piece of fabric and have the child make turkey handprints on it (with the help of an adult). They can pick the paint color and decide on the placement of the turkeys. After that, an adult will just have to draw the legs and beak of the turkey. It will make a great addition to the table and a great conversation piece for your child. This simple little task will help your child feel included and help them show off their projects.
  1. Glass Block Light. This decoration uses a glass block and a light to really show case your child’s handprint. This site uses a turkey handprint, but you could do a Christmas tree handprint, ghosts footprints, etc. The child can decide on the handprint/footprint design and pick out a ribbon or bow to glue on top. Display the block light on a counter or a shelf so your child can see their decoration piece.
  1. Felt Christmas Tree. Christmas trees are fun decoration pieces and creating a felt one with your child can be a fantastic project. Have your child pick out a variety of felt colors and decide what they want to be used as presents and ornaments. They can help with the ornament shape and design as well. Hang the tree onto the wall and stick the presents and ornaments to the tree, placing them where your child sees fits. You can even make extra presents and ornaments and have your child help you re-design the tree every couple days. This way the decoration is consistently changing and involving your child. Celebrate Hanukkah? Take this concept to make a felt Menorah.
  2. Decorating Stockings. Making your own personal stockings can be cute decorations. Go to a craft store and have your child pick out stockings and art supplies that can be used to decorate it. The child can think of designs for the stockings and then you can apply it. Hang them up after so your child can see their pieces. It is a simple and great way to get your child more included with the holiday decorations.
  1. Ribbon Tree Ornament. Another way to get your child involved with holiday decorations is ornaments. Help your child pick out a small stick and then have them pick out a variety of ribbons. Let them decide how they want the ribbon placed and then tie them onto the stick into a tree shape. Tie a string around the stick so it can hang from the Christmas tree. They will be able to see the ornament and know they helped designed it. Save it for the years to come to showcase each year how your child was involved with the tree.
  1. Winter Wreath. Paper plate wreaths are easy and fun to make. Have your child paint the plate if possible. They can pick out the colors and decide what they want the wreath to look like. You could make it specifically a Christmas wreath by using Christmas colors and bows, or make it a generic winter one. Hang it up somewhere in the house to showcase it.
  1. Reindeer Ornament. Creating a reindeer ornament is another fun and easy way to get your child involved with tree decorations. Your child can pick out the ornament at a store and using their thumbprint, create a reindeer face. They can decide where and how many faces to make. After it dries, the adult can finish the face by drawing the eyes, nose, and antlers onto the reindeer. This is another thing to save for years to come and can be a great way to get your child involved with decorating.

It is important to get children involved in decorating so they don’t feel left out. This can be hard if your child has limited mobility, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be involved in the plans and designs. Picking out colors and brainstorming ideas is exciting and fun for children and it provides a way for the child to be included. Finding decorations your child can be involved with may create a challenge, but we hope with these ten decorating ideas it may become easier. If you have any other decoration ideas that children with limited mobility can be involved in, please submit them through a comment.

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