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Individuals with disability are often limited in their ability to perform activities of daily living for extended periods of time, or without assistance. Limitations – functional, physical, mental, or emotional – require dependence upon service supports. The ability to be self-sufficient, earn a steady and adequate income, provide for basic needs, and navigate within the community may be significantly limited without support. Disability or impairment can be temporary as in the case of a debilitating illness, or chronic as in the case of Cerebral Palsy.

The goal of government assistance, community support and funding, and resources and information are to provide individuals in need with the type of assistance that can optimize their ability to function as independently as possible while providing basic human needs and quality of life. Assistance comes in many forms. It can come from an individual, assistive technology, an organization, the government, or a service animal.

Cerebral Palsy can be expensive to families that are touched by Cerebral Palsy, especially if they lack adequate insurance coverage, access to health care services, or have a limited ability to earn sufficient income. Although options are available, the challenge seems to be in finding available programs, understanding eligibility guidelines, and knowing when and how to apply.

Following are programs that may be beneficial to a family touched by Cerebral Palsy. For your convenience, we have created kits for anyone interested in obtaining the information for their files. Call MyChild™ at (800) 692-4453 for a copy of the corresponding kit which not only includes the information available on this website, but also provides contact information for resources – within the state in the United States – in which you reside.