Three Cerebral Palsy Blogs for Parents to Consider

Cerebral Palsy blogs

As part of our website redesign, we brought the Cerebral Palsy Blog (formerly into the main website. This was done to ensure that helpful topics about everyday life could thrive alongside the hundreds of pages of Cerebral Palsy information we have on the main site. While we are proud of the content we have created and welcome ideas to dive into, we also recognize there are some tremendous writers out there that provide valuable insight into the CP discussion and experience.


One Cerebral Palsy blog to consider is Love That Max. “A blog about kids with special needs who kick butt,” the site’s author, Ellen Seidman, discusses the challenges her son Max faces and documents the process of being a parent in a captivating and enlightening way. Ellen and her husband have another daughter, Sabrina, and recently welcomed a new addition with their newborn Ben. If you’re looking for a blog that not only captures the challenges and joys of raising a child with Cerebral Palsy, or for perspectives on raising a family of children with varying needs, Love That Max is an excellent starting point.

The second Cerebral Palsy blog to check out is actually a subsection of special needs and inspiration website The Mighty. If you visit our Facebook Page often, you’ll see we’re big fans of the content The Mighty publishes. Their content on Cerebral Palsy is no exception and has significant range, with stories about adulthood with CP to parents coming to terms with and embracing their child’s diagnosis. You can view Cerebral Palsy blog posts on The Mighty by clicking here.

Our third recommendation for Cerebral Palsy blog content is centered around inspiration and actually is two different sites. First, Have Wheelchair Will Travel is an excellent resource and life guide for parents who are looking to be inspired by very real options that exist for their children to do amazing things. The site’s blog dives into preparation for travel and accessing accommodations, but also speaks to a can-do attitude that we all can learn a lot from. To this last point, Handicap This provides a fresh perspective on not seeing the world as full of limits and, at the same time, embracing and moving beyond CP as a diagnosis.

We want to hear from you! What Cerebral Palsy blogs do you recommend for people to check out? Or do you have interest in starting your own blog? Let us know by calling (800) 692-4453 and we’ll provide you with our Parental Support eBook that includes a number of ways to connect with other parents online, including how to set up your own blog and social media accounts!