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September 20, 2016

The Paralympics movement celebrated another successful year in Rio de Janeiro as throngs of athletes vied for medals in fierce and exciting competition. With the Summer Games now in the books, the results are in; and what a great source of inspiration they are for those with Cerebral Palsy. Though athletes with various disabilities are eligible to compete in the Paralympic Games, a common one among Paralympians is Cerebral Palsy. But it isn’t just athletes in the Rio Paralympics who are making a difference and working toward changing public perception for the better...

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September 15, 2016

Among the many physical therapy options available for those with Cerebral Palsy, one of the most popular is aquatic intervention. Optimizing movement and function are central in bringing out the full potential and independence of someone with Cerebral Palsy, and swimming exercises can help do just that. Like other therapies for those with Cerebral Palsy, aquatic therapy is an attractive option for two reasons: first, because of the well-established therapeutic benefits, and second, because being in the water is a great all-in-one way to have fun, exercise, and socialize...

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September 13, 2016

A shocking new report from the Houston Chronicle reveals some very important information about how Texas schools have blocked special education for children with special needs. All to keep at an arbitrary 8.5% enrollment level, saving the state billions at the cost of children.

It’s infuriating to read, to say the least. Take a deep breath, then click here to read the Chronicle’s in-depth and exceptional piece.

We avoid summarizing anything found in the article in our own words to avoid taking credit...

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September 12, 2016

Time can be hard to come by in this day and age. Even as technology increases our ability to find and do so much, it can be easy to feel like you are under a pressure cooker with so many things going on. Whether you are an advocate or your child has been recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, it is completely understandable to feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn to better understand this condition.

In order to provide you a quick walk-through of Cerebral Palsy so that you can feel a bit more equipped, we have created a brief roadmap to get you started...

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September 09, 2016

Fall is right around the corner, which means the time-honored holiday of Halloween is fast-approaching. While adults can get in on the fun surrounding Halloween, this is mostly a holiday for kids. Even as your decorations and overall scheduling may feel like the main focuses this year, it’s important to plan ahead for Halloween perhaps more than ever before. With so many choices and options, as well as distractions, revolving around children these days, having a short conversation to discuss options can make a world of a difference once the end of October rolls around...

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September 06, 2016

For over a decade, our organization has helped connect parents with resources to help children with Cerebral Palsy. Born out of our founder’s frustration that parents of children with CP had very few non-legal options at their disposal, MyChild connects all types of individuals and families connect with important resources from across the country. Though the Internet provides a wealth of information, it can be difficult to find what’s effective and what isn’t while going through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of irrelevant search results. Our goal is to reduce those...

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September 02, 2016

Light can be a fascinating thing and children just seem to attract to it. Whether it is shadows on the wall or how the sunlight is spraying across an item, it can draw a child’s attention and can stir an interest. Crafts or play time involving light can be great sensory and just plain old fun. Now children are always playing with technology and fun with light can be a way to get your child away from that. To explore all the fun things you can do with light, we found 8 activities that can provide sensory and a break from screen time.

This first activity is...

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September 01, 2016

Coming from the Latin equinus, “equine” means relating to horses, and equine therapy is the practice of using horses to benefit those with physical or mental disabilities. When “horses” come to mind, the idea of therapy may not jump out as easily as images like a country stable, the Kentucky Derby, or horse-pulled carriages. But horses are capable of much more than traditional roles may suggest. Equine therapy enjoys a rich history that begins with...

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August 25, 2016

Spending time with your child is very important. It can help set up conversations where your child feels the opportunity to talk to you. It can also create a better bond between parent and child. Children value their time with their parents because it makes them feel important and loved. These are all reasons why parents should set up time to do fun activities with their children. We know how important this is so we found 5 fun activities that parents and children can do together.

The first activity is coloring! Grab some markers or crayons and coloring books....

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August 23, 2016

Q: What do Alanis Morissette, David Hasselhoff, Oprah, Regis Philbin, Cynthia Nixon, and Robin Roberts all have in common? A: Yes, it’s true that they’re all celebrities, but what’s more is they’re all celebrities who have made donations to the United Cerebral Palsy charity.

It is crucial to raise public awareness of Cerebral Palsy for many reasons, including to fund research efforts and to help educate the population at large. Effective publicity may also...

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