Three Organizations with Helpful Information to Check Out

Cerebral Palsy organizations

As you might have noticed, we have no problem putting other people’s great information out to our community when we think it might help. While other groups might focus on limiting posts to ‘their own stuff,’ we’re focused here on getting valuable insights and resources out to parents who can use it, now! At the same time, we also try to limit what gets posted in our social media to what we can verify, and that’s the reason you don’t see fundraisers or ‘click campaigns’ on our Facebook Page. With that said, we wanted to take the time to highlight a few organizations that ‘do it right’ and are worth your attention – not only because of resources they might be able to provide, but because they’re doing a great job of speaking to the challenges faced by the special needs community!

Our first suggestion is Friendship Circle. Based out of Michigan, Friendship Circle works to help children with special needs however they can. One of their most impressive efforts is their annual Great Bike Giveaway. Focused on making adaptive bikes accessible to children facing all types of challenges, this ‘contest’ (focused solely on building awareness and fundraising for the issue) is an exceptional effort that has caught attention nationwide. Their efforts go well beyond this giveaway, though, and include publishing strong content focused on helping parents of children with special needs, including Cerebral Palsy. If you haven’t already, check out their Facebook Page and blog for some great content we hope you find helpful.

The next organization we encourage checking out is The Mighty. If you Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you likely have seen their fantastic posts that we’ve Shared. The Mighty is focused on sharing the life experiences, challenges, successes and emotions associated with those who have special needs and their families. With a section dedicated to Cerebral Palsy, there is a wealth of insights available to those living with CP, their families, advocates and more. You can also look at their content on a wide range of conditions by clicking here.  

The last organization we want to highlight is actually an effort by the United States government! is a wonderful resource that has a specific focus on learning and attention issues. As children with Cerebral Palsy can often face challenges in this arena, there are a number of great things to learn from the site. Their Facebook Page is constantly updated, making it a quality ‘add’ as well!

While we have pointed out a number of great resources to consider, we also want to make sure you have access to our different platforms! Depending on your preference, you should definitely check us out on:

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