Summer Activities to Consider

summer activities

With the warm weather now here across the country and school wrapping up, you may be looking toward some summer activities for the family. Whether it’s fun in your backyard or taking the family much further away from home, summer can often feel like an open-ended series of opportunities. Unfortunately for children with special needs, though, the world is not entirely accessible. In the pursuit of providing ideas for summer activities to consider, we’ve put together a few options that we hope your family will consider!

Do you like to get outside and interact with nature? If so, you are likely interested in what options are available when it comes to trails and parks. TrailLink has put together a list of wheelchair accessible trails that can help your family no matter where you plan to go. You can access this list, as well as a few others linked within, by clicking here.

On the topic of nature and parks, we would like to remind you that children (and adults) with a permanent disability qualify for a free, lifetime Access Pass. This pass provides free admission to 2,000+ sites. To see how to apply for an Access Pass, as well as learn more about the requirements and more, you can visit the USGS website by clicking here.

If you’re looking to travel this summer, download our FREE eBook today! Covering special assistance numbers for the major airlines, accessible vacation options, holiday tips and more, this eBook is one of our most popular.

Does your family prefer to go to amusement parks? The good news is that there is a tremendous option available that is specifically geared toward children with special needs. Morgan’s Wonderland, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a place built around the concept that children with unique challenges or limited abilities deserved their own destination. Building off of the success the park has had (literally), Morgan’s Inspiration Island will serve as an ultra-accessible splash park in Spring of 2017. Until then, children and families can still have a blast at the main amusement park. For more information on Morgan’s Wonderland and the park’s features, click here.

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