Night to Shine: A Much-Needed Opportunity for Many

Everyone deserves a night to shine and a young woman was given that chance when she was able to dress up like a princess and dance the night away this past month. Kaylyn McBride attended the Night to Shine prom in Columbus, Georgia. The young woman has Cerebral Palsy and is also dependent on a wheelchair. However, she did not let that stop her from enjoying herself on her special night where she was surrounded by people just like her who understands her journey. Night to Shine has everything a real prom has to offer but is specially catered to fit the needs of people like McBride.

Night to Shine is an event that gives people like McBride and others with special needs an unforgettable night. The event is exclusively only for people ages fourteen and up with special needs. The prom takes places in over 50 states in the United States and in six countries around the world. Over 75,000 guests attended this past month with the help of over 150,000 volunteers. Night to Shine is much more than just a dance, it is a wonderful volunteer opportunity that touches on all aspects of giving people with special needs the royal treatment.

Each guest is greeted by their very own volunteer buddy that serves as their host for the evening. Guests can pick out a dress or tuxedo and accessories donated by local community members. After the girls pick out their outfit, they are then escorted to get their nails, hair and makeup done. Guys get their shoes shined while the ladies get dolled up. Once everyone is getting dressed, attendees arrive to the dance in a limousine or horse drawn carriage. Where they are then cheered on by volunteers while walking a red carpet into the dance. The prom also includes a sit-down dinner, DJs, karaoke, party favors and real flowers for each guest. Night to Shine is sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation that donates money to churches hosting the event to make the special night possible.

You can head over to the Night to Shine’s website to find if a local church in your community is hosting the event. The foundation’s goal is for everyone to be able to have the chance for an incredible evening. If you would like to get involved the website also has a place where you can sign up to volunteer. The Tim Tebow Foundation also accepts donations. The website states that 100% of your donation will go directly towards outreach initiatives like Night to Shine. 

Many people with special needs do not get the opportunity to have a special night such as this one. Night to Shine is an excellent way to make people like McBride, dreams come true for one special night. A night where they can meet new friends, get to dance the night away and are treated like a king or queen. Night to Shine is an event that needs to happen much more often.

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