Increasing Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Cerebral Palsy Awareness

Some may think that bringing awareness to Cerebral Palsy is a challenging task, but it may not be as difficult as we think. Just being open to discussions about CP or showcasing your child’s achievements can bring a little more awareness to the cause. March is the official Cerebral Palsy Awareness month so we felt like now was a good time to start the conversation. We put together a few things you can do to spread awareness throughout the month and beyond.

The first thing you can do to bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy is to wear CP apparel. Even just wearing a green ribbon (CP ribbon) pinned to your shirt may start a conversation. CP apparel is not limited to just shirts and ribbons anymore. You can buy CP mugs, phone cases, car stickers, bracelets, etc. Strangers may notice your apparel and ask questions or start a conversation with you. You can answer questions or have a general conversation about Cerebral Palsy, which will spread awareness.

Another way to bring awareness is through social media. Almost all of us have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and this can provide a way to share information. Sharing blog posts, pictures, or videos can reach hundreds of people. Even just a small sentence about CP – general information or personal- can spark someone’s curiosity. You can also use social media to celebrate your child’s achievements. Showing how your child has overcome a challenge can inspire and motivate others.

Going off that last point, inspiring others can make a huge difference.  Spreading awareness does not necessarily mean showcasing all the negatives and the challenges to Cerebral Palsy. You can show how your child and other children have overcome challenges and have succeed living with CP. This can help eliminate stereotypes and inspire others to overcome any challenges they may have.

Educating others is a key aspect of spreading awareness. Answering questions and willingly providing information teach others about Cerebral Palsy. Not everyone will ask questions because they may feel too shy, embarrassed, or will just want to avoid making you feel uncomfortable. Make someone feel comfortable by giving a quick explanation of CP. This could be caregivers or even distant relatives who are unfamiliar with it. Educating others will bring awareness by providing facts about the condition.

The most important way to bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy is to be open to discussions. Avoiding the subject or shutting someone down for curiosity will only discourage people. It may be hard to talk about it some days and all we may want to do is keep to ourselves, but it is important to stay open in order to encourage conversations.

March is the official month of Cerebral Palsy awareness so now is a great time to use our knowledge and experiences to spread awareness. Wearing CP apparel and using social media is a simpler way to start and then working towards inspiring and educating can make a larger impact. We have to remember to remain open to discussions and to encourage others to ask questions. With these few ways and tips, we all can bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy, no matter how large or small. If you have any other suggestions of how to bring awareness to Cerebral Palsy, please submit them through a comment. We can spread awareness together!

If you have any questions about Cerebral Palsy or Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 692-4453 or fill out our contact form on Facebook or our website.