Frankie’s World

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When you are a parent, you want the best for your child. Having your child start day care can be a scary thing because you aren’t always there to check in on them and see how things are going. When you have a child with special needs, finding a place that gives you a sense of ease can even be more difficult. You need a place you can trust. The American Disabilities Act is in place so that day care centers cannot turn you and your child away because of a disability. It is also in place so that they can make reasonable accommodations that fit your child’s needs. Yet, most places do not offer extensive care that some children with special needs require. Resulting in parents and caregivers having to stay home with children to take care of them.

Frankie’s World Foundation, a nonprofit based out of Philadelphia, is a prime example of what we need more of in the childcare community. The foundation operates Frankie’s World, a day care center for special needs. The center opened in 2006 and continues to be operated due to donations. The center is free for families due to these donations and is also covered by insurance.  This becomes a huge advantage for families. Childcare can be expensive, and the care that Frankie’s World provides, is top notch. It is also open twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Which is very flexible for families with a non-traditional work schedule. Frankie’s World is a place that helps parents who have special needs children the ability to work instead of missing time to take care of a child. It also is a place where your child can be properly taken care of while you run errands.  Most day care centers do not provide transportation but here they provide transportation options to children that need them.

The organization’s main goal was to provide a safe environment where kids can be kids. Frankie’s World was named after a young Philadelphia girl who became isolated at home due to having to have medical care daily from a nurse at home and being on a ventilator. There was no medically-safe place for her to go to where she could make friends and play like any child should. The center has changed that by providing every care imaginable that delivers socialization for these children so they can make friends and develop their social skills. The day care is not only medically safe but also has educational services and opportunities as well.

Frankie’s World is run by a group of health professionals with many years of experiences in taking care of special needs children. The staff is generously staffed with one health professional for every three children.  The medical services they provide are medical administration, tube feeding, ventilator monitoring, trach care, apne monitoring, colostomy care, catheter care and CPAP/oxygen care. The center also has speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy on site. Other services available are case management, nutritional guidance, physician consultation, transition planning, developmental intervention and pharmacy consultation. At Frankie’s World, the children do daily activities to help their fine and gross motor skills. They also have visitors come and perform educational presentations to the children on a regular basis. The center even has yoga time for children!

Frankie’s World is an organization that needs to be replicated more. It gives parents the ability to go to the workplace and maintain steady employment. Children can escape isolation and build the social skills needed to live a healthy life. The center provides toys and unique activities that are made for children with special needs. At Frankie’s World nobody is left behind and everyone is properly taken care of. Giving the opportunity for parents to breathe easy and kids to enjoy being a kid.

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