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Assistance arrives in many forms and through varied sources. Even though the government provides support from the local level to national, there are many non-governmental organizations that exist to assist, as well. Join us on this cerebral palsy blog as we follow and share programs and services that can benefit our families.

What is an IEP?

What is an IEP?

Parents of children with special needs find themselves all too often forced to push for the right education for their kid. Find out more about what an IEP involves.

Save Money While Online Shopping: Ideas and More

shopping online tips

Every family can benefit from saving a little money here or there. Families of children with special needs, though, can find that budgets can be even more of a challenge maintaining due to additional costs in the form of medical care, adaptive equipment and more. The Internet is full of different ideas and claims surrounding saving money but it becomes hard telling which ones are scams and which ones will help you save. Below are some suggestions we have for your family to try out this year!