Cerebral Palsy Help is a Call Away: 800-692-4453

Cerebral Palsy Help

MyChild, part of CerebralPalsy.org network of assistance, is dedicated to helping children living with Cerebral Palsy, as well as their parents. Beyond our extensive website, we have amassed a wide assortment of resources and information related to assistance for children with Cerebral Palsy. As this information continues to change over time, the best way to access help available for families just like yours is by calling 800-692-4453!

What types of Cerebral Palsy help are available to parents who call us? Information the MyChild care team provides to hundreds of families daily include:

  • Energy Assistance
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Assistive Technology
  • Service Animals
  • Home or Vehicle Modification
  • eBooks
  • Camp and Summer Activity Information
  • And more!

Unlike other organizations, the assistance we provide covers a spectrum of sources, including non-profits, government entities, organizations exclusively focused on Cerebral Palsy and more. As such, we are able to help families across the country, as well as Puerto Rico, receive critical information aimed at helping a child facing a lifetime of challenges related to their CP.

When families call 800-692-4453, they speak with a dedicated care team member that will use information regarding your child’s Cerebral Palsy and current situation to best explore all of the help available. Through a short interview, our care team can go beyond the resources you might already know about and into additional help that is available. This short interview not only lets you find out more about CP but also expands our ability to make a tangible impact on the future of your child. And the best part? All of our assistance is provided free of charge!

If you have questions about the cause of Cerebral Palsy, treatments and therapies available, programs in your state and on the national level for children with CP, or just would like to see what information is available, don’t hesitate to call us. Available 5 days a week, the MyChild care team looks forward to being a part of your child’s success story and helping your family break down barriers for him or her.

Call us today at 800-692-4453!