“The 100 Cameras Project” focuses on sending a picture-perfect message

The “100 Cameras Project” is on a mission. From the team that brought you “Project This,” a program featured in the award-winning documentary “Shooting Beauty” comes the opportunity to equip 100 individuals who have an intellectual or developmental disability with an accessible camera and a mission to focus on their picture voice.

For participants, the nationwide initiative provides “a life-changing opportunity to explore an art-form that for many, up until this project, has not been physically or monetarily accessible,” states Courtney Bent, the mastermind behind the initiative and photographer featured in “Shooting Beauty.”

As depicted in “Shooting Beauty,” the newest project will also conduct workshops whereby photographers learn how to bring their hopes, dreams and life complexities into sharp focus. The project is intent on “redefining society’s vision of beauty and how, through art, conversations can begin about important and often unspoken issues surrounding acceptance, diversity and disability,” states Courtney on the “Shooting Beauty” website.

To do so, Courtney will partner with local organizations to identify participants and determine their individual camera system and adaptive equipment requirements for participation. Upon completing her photography workshop, the photographs will be exhibited in a series of public events aimed at creating community-wide conversation around disability, tolerance and diversity.

Similarly, “Shooting Beauty” followed Courtney for a decade while she conducted “Picture This!” a local program based in Massachusetts that conducted workshops to train and empower individuals with intellectual or developmental disability to learn how to shoot a camera and tell their story through photography. The project focused on valuing diversity, challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusion for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. The “100 Cameras Project” is loosely based on the same concept, but goes national.

Since “Shooting Beauty” aired, the program has since expanded into traveling photography workshops, grade school curriculum programs, Girl Scouts patch initiatives, college lecture series, and corporate disability and diversity awareness workshops.

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