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It is our belief that knowledge is power. The easier information is to obtain and understand, the more your child benefits.  Information is the vital tool that equips us all with an ability to make clear, informed decisions on health, education, wellness, and more. It’s almost always true that the more information, the better the potential outcome.

MyChild™ provides information on topics from A to Z, all made available here, for your convenience. After decades representing families of special needs children, and protecting their rights in the courts and in state legislative hearings, attorney Ken Stern recognized the need for an informative resource where all parents could quickly access needed information to learn, understand and to protect their child.  My ChildTM, including the website CerebralPalsy.org, its Facebook page, and the MyChildTM Call Center are owned by Ken Stern and serve to make information and compassionate understanding readily available to those who need it most – parents just like you.

Beyond an informational resource, our website features stories of success and inspiration regarding children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy, embracing their challenges and achieving amazing things we hope inspire you as much as they do us. Contact us today for free information on anything related to Cerebral Palsy – we’re here to help your child achieve their full potential in any way that we can. For the information you need, and that your child deserves, we’re here for you!