Book Clubs and More: Engaging Your Community, Other Parents

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The first step in spreading awareness about special needs is properly educating people on the topic. You can do this by engaging your local community by getting parents, friends and your child’s classmates involved. When you spread awareness, you can help stop misconceptions and start working to help bettering the lives of people with disabilities. Get together with your loved ones and plan on ways you can help. If you are having trouble coming up with some ideas, this blog will offer some easy ways that you do to get more people involved in your cause.

Book Clubs
Leading a book club is a fantastic way to spread awareness. Book clubs are a great way you can meet a diverse group of people to get involved in your cause. Parents can suggest books that start up conversations and ideas on the topic. Books are a great way to educate people and really get people thinking about different ways to help. If you are holding the meeting in a library, ask an employee if they can make a display of the books for other visitors to see. This is a great way that you can help spread awareness.

Support Groups
One way you can engage your community is by joining a support group. You can find a support group in your area by searching online. Support groups are a great way to gain emotional support and connect with people who share similar experiences as you. At the support group you can groupthink about ideas you can do to get more people involved in your community about special needs. Another great thing is in a support group, you already have a great team to help you put your ideas into action. Can’t find a support group in your area? Start your own support group and host it at your child’s school or a local library.

Movie Night
Host a movie night at your child’s school or your community park. Feature a movie that will spark conversation and one that highlights someone with special needs overcoming a challenge. Make the event free or sell tickets at a low price and donate the earnings to a charity of your choice. Hold a discussion after the movie to educate people even more so and to answer any questions the audience will have. The night should be accessible to all, make it sensory friendly and sell goodies that are food allergy friendly.  Want ideas on movies you can show? Check out The 15 Top Special Needs Documentaries or our article on Inspirational Movies.

A great way to inform others is by organizing an assembly at your child’s school. The assembly can have different speakers that can teach children and the school staff about different disabilities. Another thing they can educate the audience on is how to properly assist someone and how excluding someone because of disabilities is wrong. Additionally, a topic to be included in the presentation is how to use proper language when speaking with someone with disabilities or special needs.

We hope this blog can help you get some ideas on how to engage people and raise advocacy for children with disabilities and special needs. Brainstorm with your loved ones and see all the ways you can help. Use your own unique skills to put your own personal spin on ways to engage. Do your part to make moves towards increasing inclusion, education and acceptance.

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