Three Musical Options for Children with CP

Music can provide joy and energy in people’s life. Playing an instrument and creating music is something every child loves. For children with Cerebral Palsy, ordinary instruments might not be an option. Technology has come so far and there are devices that will make it easier to bring music into your child’s life. Skoog, Touchtone, and Soundbeam are just three musical options that could work for your child.

Skoog is a large white cube with colorful round buttons protruding from each side. From gently touching to actually shaking or tilting the Skoog any child can produce music. It can be used for children with a wide range of motor skills and the sensitivity levels can be adjusted through the software. Skoog can even be connected to GarageBand. The Skoog itself looks fun and can help any child with the exploration of creating music.

Similar to Skoog, Touchtone also works with pressure and represents another musical option for your child. It is rectangular with multiple buttons that a child can use their unaffected hand to press, and then a round nob that is controlled by their affected hand. It may hard at first to coordinate their two hands, but children will improve over time. To learn more about Touchtone and a study that was conducted with it, click here.

Soundbeam uses something other than touching to create music; it uses movement. This can be great to encourage children to use more movement in their arms. Soundbeam is described as “an award-winning ‘touch free’ device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound”.  Sensors are set up and children can move their arms to interfere with the sensors that in turn create different tones. Children will enjoy learning how different, specific movements can create certain tones. Soundbeam is used in many countries all over the world and might just work best for your child. To visit Soundbeams website, click here.

Overall, music is an important part of growing up and every child should have a chance to create their own music. Your child may face different challenges than other children do, but there are many musical options out there for your child to enjoy. Skoog, Touchtone, and Soundbeam could all be possible options for your child affected by Cerebral Palsy. Finding the perfect musical option and letting your child explore music is very rewarding. If you have any suggestions on other musical options, please submit them through a comment.

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