Sensory Stocking Stuffers Under $10

As the holidays are quickly approaching, some may be left scratching their heads trying to figure out great toys to give to their favorite little girl or boy. Here is a list of affordable gifts you can give this season.

Clay Modeling Kit

Price: $7.99

This modeling clay tool kit comes with clay, rolling pin, shape cutters and other modeling tools. The clay is a non-hardening material which allows for endless play without worrying about the clay drying up.

Children Aqua Doodle Drawing Toy

Price: $4.97

Doodle mat allows children to let their artistic side flow, without making a mess.  Includes two pens that you fill with water to draw. Drawings disappear after minutes, so the fun never ends.

Ocean Sensory Play

Price: $2.50 + Shipping

These water beads help make your own little ocean for your tiny explorer!

Just place water beads with water in a container and watch them expand! Add in rocks, plastic sea creatures or whatever you would like to create your own underwater oasis.

Water Wiggle

Price: $3.59 + Shipping

This water wiggle is a great stress reliever and fun to play with.

Spiky Glove

Price: $5.99 + Shipping
These spikey gloves will be a hit. Fun to play with and touch. The stretchy material allows the glove to fit on any child big or small.

Sensory Frog

Price: $3.29 + Shipping

This squeezy frog is entertaining and cute.

Play Pin Art Board

Price: $5.97 + Shipping

Pin art set gives hours of entertainment. Users can create their own masterpieces by pushing pins.

Green Senso Band Sensory Input On The Go Bracelet

Price: $9.99

A wearable sensory band that gives a child sensory output on the go. Run your fingers over the textile to increase concentration and receive relaxation.

Glow Stone

Price: $5.00 + Shipping

Expose these stones to sunlight and they will glow up to 10 hours. These are perfect for a child who is afraid of the dark. Stones are 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, no choking hazard here.

Fiber Optic Wand

Price: $4.99

This fiber optic wand has three different light settings allowing for an awesome amount of visual sensory.  

Star Projector

Price: $7.99 + Shipping

This little gadget will project stars on your walls and ceiling. Perfect to set on a night stand next to a child’s bed to fill the room with a magical star show.

Squeeze Slime

Price: $5.00 + Shipping

Cool to the touch and will bounce if you drop it, squeeze slim is an interactive gift that gives relaxation to those who play with it.

Gifts Under $10 that you can make:

Mermaid Slime

Photo & Craft Credit: Sugar, Spice & Glitter

Materials You Will Need:
2 Elmer’s Washable Clear Glue
3 Tbs. Liquid Starch
2 Tbs. of Water
Mermaid Glitter
Teal, blue or pink food coloring

Directions: Mix glue, starch and water together. After mixing ingredients, add in food coloring and glitter. You can add in more glue or starch if needed.

I Spy Bag

Materials You Will Need:
2 pieces of felt or cloth
Mesh material (make sure material is see through but has no large holes for rice to fall through)
Hot glue
Rice or small white beads
Small trinkets


Take pieces of felt or cloth and cut into any two shapes that are the same. Take one of the shapes and cut an opening, this opening will be your window. Take the mesh material and hot glue the mesh material over the window you created. Take both shapes of fabric or felt and glue together by leaving a small opening at the top. Fill with rice and trinkets. Glue opening closed.  You can also create a key by writing out the items of the bag on a piece of paper.

Alphabet Tray

This easy gift is awesome for children who are learning their alphabet. Writing the letters out in salt is a great sensory and memory tool. It also looks super cute when bundled up with ribbon!

Materials You Will Need:
Plastic Bag
Pieces of Paper


Fill salt in plastic bag. Tie bag with decorative ribbon. Create an alphabet chart on the pieces of paper or create a card for every letter of the alphabet. You can create your own or download a decorative list online.

When ready to play, parent can empty the salt on tray for child to trace letters in.