Six Apps on Accessibility

apps on accessibility

Anyone with a wheelchair knows how hard and stressful it can be to make sure a location is wheelchair friendly. Even though restaurants or other locations should have options for those in wheelchairs, that may not always be the case. Especially for children who use wheelchairs, we want to make sure that everyone can be comfortable and stress-free when going out. It can take a load off the child and the parent just knowing that the place they are going to is wheelchair accessible. We want to make it easier to find accessible places, so we searched and found 6 apps that focus on wheelchair accessibility.

1. AXS Map

Ever worry about whether or not you or your child will be able to get into a restaurant? What happens if they have steps and the wheelchair can’t go up them? This app helps you find accessible places: restaurants, hotels, and stores. AXS Map was created by Jason Da Silva who has multiple sclerosis. He has first-hand experience of having a difficult time finding accessible places and he wanted to help others. This app can be a great addition in helping you find and rate places that are wheelchair accessible.

2.  EasyPlaces

EasyPlaces is another app that shows a map of places near you that are wheelchair accessible. Users can add or comment on places to help other users get all the information they need. For parents or caregivers of children in wheelchairs, it can be stressful making sure a place is accessible. This app may be able to help lower the stress and make certain a place is accessible for your child.

3. WheelMate

WheelMate is an app that helps wheelchair users find parking spots and restrooms. This app can be very useful when just going about daily life or when going on vacations. Especially if you are driving long distances, this app can make it easier to find adequate rest stops.

4. Playgrounds For Everyone

Playgrounds should have equipment that all children can use, but this is not always the case. Children with special needs may have a harder time finding ways to engage in play on playgrounds. This app helps you find playgrounds that may work for your child. You will see users like you comment on how accessible or safe the playground is. No one has the energy or time to pack up the kids, drive them to a playground, and then realize your child can’t partake in the fun. This app can save you a lot of time and frustration by letting you check out the playground before you leave the house.

5. Wheelmap

Wheelmap is another great app to help you find wheelchair accessible places. This app rates location by colors: green (fully wheelchair accessible), yellow (limited accessibility), and red (not wheelchair accessible). Why just hope a place is accessible when you can just quickly look it up?

6. AbleRoad

AbleRoad does much more than just locate wheelchair accessible places. You can find information about places that involve hearing, sight, and cognitive abilities. Hearing includes noise levels, ASL staff, strobe fire alarms, etc. Sight information will include announcements, phone information, lighting, braille, large print, etc. Finally, cognitive information includes oral information, illustrative communication, simple door operations, assistance, etc. AbleRoad may just be able to help you figure out what locations are best for your child.

Apps are becoming more and more helpful, especially for individuals with special needs. While most apps just assist, there are many that help with accessibility. These apps may help make your life easier by helping you find locations that will fit your child’s needs. If you tend to get worry about special needs friendly places, then these apps may just help. We hope at least one of these apps will make your life easier and we would love to hear about other apps you may know. Just submit them through a comment.

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