CP Information

Information opens doors and opportunities, it empowers and confirms. Information is the key to learning what works and what doesn’t in the lives of individuals touched by cerebral palsy. From the information about cerebral palsy, to topics such as home modifications, treatments and therapies, pain management, special education dispute resolution, hot tips and more – we have some insights to share on our cerebral palsy blog.

Adaptive Equipment for Fun Activities

Finding an activity that we can enjoy is important to help balance our life between work (or school) and play. Participating in activities can create passion and allow us to escape the daily duties we may face. Children with special needs can find it hard to participate in activities for various reasons. They may pick activities that they may not be curious about because they lack the resources for the ones they want to pursue. Every child needs an enjoyable activity that can they can escape too and become passionate about.

Keeping Your Own Medical Log for Your Child

Anyone with a busy life knows how hard it is to keep track of medical information. As parents, we aren’t only responsible for our own, but for our children’s medical information. Even the most basic information, such as when and how much cold medicine your child got, can easily slip through our minds and we are left wondering if the child can even have more when symptoms are re-occurring. A daily medical log can lessen the questioning and even provide more benefits.

Simple Fall Recipes Children with Special Needs Can Help With

Cooking is such a huge part in our everyday lives and we spend so much time either preparing a meal or eating one. Imagine how much quality time you can spend with your child if you included them in the process. Children love helping and it makes them feel important and one of the grown ups, but it can be difficult to find a recipe that allows participation.

Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving craft

Our final craft for your child with special needs is a fun slice of Pumpkin Pie. This craft can serve as an excellent table setter (write each person’s name on the brown crust so they know where to sit!), as well as serving as a fun opportunity for your child to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Whether your child’s able to eat Pumpkin Pie or just wants to make the craft as a way to decorate your home, this can be a festive way to get the family involved.

Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Turkey Handprint


A handprint can be more than just art for a parent. Serving as a permanent marker of your child’s size, a handprint design is a time capsule surrounding the holidays. It can also, though, be a simple and easy way to get your child involved in the holiday and craft-making spirit! With just a little bit of paint, some paper and creative energy, we hope that you’re able to make a great Thanksgiving decoration and lifetime memory out of your child’s handprint.

Getting Your Child Involved in Thanksgiving Prep


Thanksgiving is a fun, great time to bring the family together. A family that has a child with special needs may have a harder time figuring out how to get that child involved. The child may feel left out and unimportant to the task of getting ready for the holiday. With a couple simple accommodations, your child can feel included and more apart of the Thanksgiving prep.

Benefits of Yoga for Children with Special Needs

Yoga is becoming more popular every day – not just for adults, but for children as well. Perhaps more important, for special needs children, it can be used as an alternative therapy. Yoga can help increase concentration, flexibly, and strength. It can also develop coordination and reduce stress and anxiety. We can’t forget the value yoga can have to help a child become more aware of their body. There are a lot of benefits of yoga for special needs children and it is important to consider them all before deciding if yoga is the right fit for the child.

Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Paper-Roll Turkey


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we want to help you get your family into the holiday spirit! Continuing our series of fun craft ideas that can allow your family, regardless of ability, to jump into Thanksgiving and help decorate, our latest craft is the Paper-Roll Turkey! Have a look at this fun little idea and keep tuning in to find out our next opportunity for your child with Cerebral Palsy to actively get involved with the Thanksgiving spirit.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness

We like to use this blog as a channel to communicate with parents of children with Cerebral Palsy. While CP unfortunately touches far too many families every day, there are exponentially more friends and family impacted. This is why Cerebral Palsy awareness is so important: spreading the word about this condition helps break down barriers, increase research and, perhaps most important, shape a better world for children with CP.