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Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Turkey Handprint


A handprint can be more than just art for a parent. Serving as a permanent marker of your child’s size, a handprint design is a time capsule surrounding the holidays. It can also, though, be a simple and easy way to get your child involved in the holiday and craft-making spirit! With just a little bit of paint, some paper and creative energy, we hope that you’re able to make a great Thanksgiving decoration and lifetime memory out of your child’s handprint.

Getting Your Child Involved in Thanksgiving Prep


Thanksgiving is a fun, great time to bring the family together. A family that has a child with special needs may have a harder time figuring out how to get that child involved. The child may feel left out and unimportant to the task of getting ready for the holiday. With a couple simple accommodations, your child can feel included and more apart of the Thanksgiving prep.

Fun-For-All Thanksgiving: Paper-Roll Turkey


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we want to help you get your family into the holiday spirit! Continuing our series of fun craft ideas that can allow your family, regardless of ability, to jump into Thanksgiving and help decorate, our latest craft is the Paper-Roll Turkey! Have a look at this fun little idea and keep tuning in to find out our next opportunity for your child with Cerebral Palsy to actively get involved with the Thanksgiving spirit.

Fun-For-All Halloween: Candy Corn Craft


One of the fun things children love to do is make crafts! The feeling of empowerment and pride once it is on display can be amazing for a child’s self esteem, and for you as a parent. Helping a child with special needs be a part of craft fun is one of our goals, which is why we have put together crafts of varying difficulty to help your family get into the Halloween spirit! Today’s craft is a Halloween Candy Corn Picture that may not be the most creative but is DEFINITELY one of the easiest ways to help children with varying abilities dive into the holiday!

Fun-For-All Halloween: Handprint Bat Craft

halloween bat

Our final craft suggestion is another great way to capture your child’s size and age in a memorable way this Halloween holiday season! Our craft uses your child’s handprints for a spooky bat design that easily goes alongside those of other family members, while also providing an easy opt-in for children of all ages and abilities. We hope that each of these craft ideas has been a big help in getting your family into the Halloween spirit and look forward to sharing other craft ideas with you in holidays to come!

Fun-For-All Halloween: Masking Tape Mummy

halloween craft

Having a bit of fun this Halloween shouldn’t require a ton of skill, time or money! Our fun-for-all Halloween craft series is aimed at providing simple crafts that you can tackle with children of a variety of ages to not only boost confidence but jump into the holiday spirit! Our latest craft is Masking Tape Mummies, which use simple, everyday items to make a very fun design! These mummies not only allow for you to create a craft for your child, but also make a whole family of creepy characters that can represent everyone in your home (and outside of it!).

Fun-For-All Halloween: Footprint Ghosts

halloween craft

Halloween is a time where children get to dress up and be ‘something else,’ all at a time where parents treasure who they are right now! Crafts can involve various quality and difficulty levels based upon the child’s age, but crafts that create a permanent record of the child’s size are especially great. Our latest Fun-For-All Halloween craft are Footprint Ghosts, which use your child’s feet as the blueprint for a spooky design!

Fun-For-All Halloween: Pumpkin Decorating

halloween craft

A time-honored part of Halloween is the pumpkin! Whether carved or merely decorated, pumpkins are a staple of this holiday and are often personalized by children based upon their interests and more. Unfortunately, the process of carving a pumpkin may not be possible for some children with Cerebral Palsy, making alternatives a welcome part of this year’s Halloween. Today’s craft explores ways to decorate a pumpkin without a knife, allowing for children with special needs to get in the spirit of things while also making for a unique decoration for the holiday.