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More so than ever, technological and bio-medical advancements are opening doors for individuals with cerebral palsy. There are research findings, clinical trials and industry news to announce. Stay current on the latest in cord blood research, stem cell progress, surgical interventions, pain management measures, orthopedic technology, brain cell rejuvenation, and more. Keep abreast of new, unique cerebral palsy blog topics by taking a look today!

Upper limb function improves with constraint-induced movement therapy, reports APTA

A recent study of 894 children ranging from 2 to 11 years of age who have Cerebral Palsy supports the use of constraint-induced movement therapy, or CIMT, as an effective short-term intervention for the improvement of upper-limb function. The children participated in a 5-day per week intervention program over a 2 to 3-week period. The same study, though, did caution about the long-term effectiveness of the treatment, suggesting that CIMT could not be maintained over time.

Progress over paralysis: Using Neurobridge technology to move hands, arms and legs

Imagine being paralyzed from the chest down and being asked to be the first person to test Neurobridge, a technology that would allow you to move your hand with only the power of thought. This became a reality for Ian Burkhart, 23, paralyzed from the chest down from a swimming accident nearly four years ago.