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People are making a difference. Many people – including parents, family, friends, school administrators, caregivers, paraprofessionals, government agents, employers, co-workers, service providers, and more – are responsible for enhancing the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy. Follow TheCPBlog.org for cerebral palsy blog stories that celebrate humanity.

Parents Must Care for Themselves Too!

Being a parent can be difficult. When your child has special needs, this role takes on a whole new meaning. Taking action in not only providing your child the best care and assistance possible to limit the impact of CP is a monumental undertaking, making each day, start to finish, a job in and of itself. While parents often focus those precious moments not only caring for the child, but also looking for ways to improve that care, it’s also critical that parents look to take care of themselves.

10 Small Ways to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is key for accepting and loving yourself. Children who experience confidence will most likely grow up into confident adults. Confidence is not something you are born with and it has to be developed over time, making it important to build up your child’s confidence. This can be done throughout the day with very little extra time or energy. Therefore, we created a list of 10 ways you can start building and encouraging your child’s confidence.

Tips to Include Your Child in Gift Giving

Gift Giving

It is that time of year where everyone is scrambling to buy gifts for love ones. It can be a fun time, especially if you include your child in the process. For families with special needs children, it can be hard to involve your child in gift giving. Every child should be included in the fun and adjusting the process for your special needs child can actually be an easy task. These five tips can help you include your child in gift giving and spread the holiday cheer.

9 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Children with Limited Mobility

Holiday Decorating

Children love decorating and seeing their pieces being on displayed. When a child has limited mobility, they may have a harder time participating in decorating and start feeling left out. It is essential that there are things that they can help out with so they can feel included. Something as simple as picking out color and designs can help get children involved. Therefore, we have 9 decorating ideas that children with limited mobility could participate in.

Gabriella Greco is Going ‘Over the Rainbow,’ Beyond CP

We love to share positive stories that inspire through the example they set every day. It’s a rare treat when someone we highlight is actually a member of our community and willing to speak more on their story. Gabriella Greco was featured on our Page recently for her passion and goal to bring the music of Judy Garland to the stage. While this in of itself is a tremendous undertaking and a fantastic example to share with children with CP, Ms.