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Fun-For-All Halloween: Handprint Bat Craft

halloween bat

Our final craft suggestion is another great way to capture your child’s size and age in a memorable way this Halloween holiday season! Our craft uses your child’s handprints for a spooky bat design that easily goes alongside those of other family members, while also providing an easy opt-in for children of all ages and abilities. We hope that each of these craft ideas has been a big help in getting your family into the Halloween spirit and look forward to sharing other craft ideas with you in holidays to come!

Fun-For-All Halloween: Masking Tape Mummy

halloween craft

Having a bit of fun this Halloween shouldn’t require a ton of skill, time or money! Our fun-for-all Halloween craft series is aimed at providing simple crafts that you can tackle with children of a variety of ages to not only boost confidence but jump into the holiday spirit! Our latest craft is Masking Tape Mummies, which use simple, everyday items to make a very fun design! These mummies not only allow for you to create a craft for your child, but also make a whole family of creepy characters that can represent everyone in your home (and outside of it!).

Fun-For-All Halloween: Footprint Ghosts

halloween craft

Halloween is a time where children get to dress up and be ‘something else,’ all at a time where parents treasure who they are right now! Crafts can involve various quality and difficulty levels based upon the child’s age, but crafts that create a permanent record of the child’s size are especially great. Our latest Fun-For-All Halloween craft are Footprint Ghosts, which use your child’s feet as the blueprint for a spooky design!

Fun-For-All Halloween: Pumpkin Decorating

halloween craft

A time-honored part of Halloween is the pumpkin! Whether carved or merely decorated, pumpkins are a staple of this holiday and are often personalized by children based upon their interests and more. Unfortunately, the process of carving a pumpkin may not be possible for some children with Cerebral Palsy, making alternatives a welcome part of this year’s Halloween. Today’s craft explores ways to decorate a pumpkin without a knife, allowing for children with special needs to get in the spirit of things while also making for a unique decoration for the holiday.