CP Miracles and VIPs

They are our pride and our joy; our light and our tunnel – CP Miracles are children and CP VIPs are men and women living with cerebral palsy. They manage their conditions, maximize their potential, and embrace life with a disability. This thread is our tribute to the many CP Miracles and VIPs who own our hearts.

Father’s epiphany leads to healthy bond

Turning 50 is a turning point for many; a time to reflect, collect and plan for the future. For Dr. Brian McElyea, it was an epiphany. With health concerns surfacing, he began to think about how to prepare for not only his future, but his ability to care for his then 19-year-old daughter Brienna’s future care.

“Brienna is a unique combination as she is severely physically impaired, but is age typical in her cognitive ability,” states Jill McElyea of her daughter’s condition that was diagnosed when Brienna was six months old.