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Cerebral Palsy Swagger

Someone everyday can inspire us and give us hope. It can only take one moment or one event to change our mindsets. For those in the Cerebral Palsy community, it is inspiring to see others growing awareness of CP and breaking the stereotypes. In the case of Hunter Gandee, one event – the Cerebral Palsy Swagger – brought the community together and gave hope to the families affected by Cerebral Palsy.

The Goal of Ken Stern and MyChild with Cerebral Palsy

As an organization, MyChild with Cerebral Palsy was established by Ken Stern as a bridge in the gap between services available to all children with Cerebral Palsy. While some families are able to afford and easily access therapy and support efforts aimed at helping children with CP reach their full potential, far too many others were left behind. With so many programs and assistance efforts available, gaining and losing funding or resources on a monthly basis, MyChild was created by Ken Stern to be a one-stop information center for all parents.

Parents: 5 Reasons to Join a Cerebral Palsy Support Group

Being the parent of a child with special needs brings with it intense challenges and a wide range of emotions. The parents in our community have continuously shown strength and courage in the face of these challenges, but that doesn’t mean that these daily experiences should be ignored or understated! The truth is that special needs parents can face an uphill battle when it comes to getting an understanding and assistance from others. As such, making connections between parents experiencing similar challenges can be very helpful, and even crucial.

A New Look for MyChild

It is our pleasure and with great excitement that we announce a new, improved look to MyChild / CerebralPalsy.org is coming soon! While it would be easy to simply launch the site and surprise visitors new and established with our fresh look, we want to help explain the changes to ensure everyone understands the purpose and benefits of this significant change.

A Wheelchair-Friendly / Special Needs Vacation this Summer

Planning a summer vacation is difficult for any family, much less planning one that involves specific accessibility for a child with special needs. Too often, parents allow this to preclude them from trying and they instead opt out of trying. We feel strongly that being able to experience new and fun things, as a family, is crucial for making a child with Cerebral Palsy (or other special needs conditions) feel connected and part of the group.

What Happens When I Call MyChild?

The MyChild team at CerebralPalsy.org spends six days a week speaking to families of children with CP. These conversations revolve around the child’s condition and the resources we can provide to make an impact. Sent via email at the end of the call, these free resources serve as one step toward helping children reach their full potential.

Summer Planning: Camp for Children with Cerebral Palsy

One of the great American traditions and some of the most fond memories of our own childhood, and featured in so many movies and television shows, is summer camp. Unfortunately, the more traditional camps your neighbor’s kids might be planning to attend do not provide the accommodations your child may require. This is, of course, extremely sad, but it’s also a reality your family likely faces every day with the usual challenges faced with simple tasks when you go out to the store, to a restaurant, etc.

If You Do One Thing for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month…

With March being widely recognized as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, we decided to honor the occasion with a simple call to action for our community. One of the most frequent questions families ask us is how we recommend increasing Cerebral Palsy awareness, both during this month and year-round. While there is a wide assortment of options, including wearing green, we do have another suggestion for 2015.