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There was a day when it was inconceivable to parents of children with special needs that their son or daughter may participate in competitive sports and extracurricular athletic activities. Luckily, those days are over.

Taking part in a favorite pastime is something that helps us wind down from the stresses of school, work, family, and daily life. Children with Cerebral Palsy have as much of a desire as any other child to take part in sports, recreation, and play, but sometimes, they cannot participate in a traditional way.

Enter the possibilities of adaptive techniques, tools, and ingenuity. For every form of play and recreation, there is a modified version that makes participation a possibility. Sometimes, a parent will need to inquire about how those methods work, and where they can be implemented. At other times, a little creativity is all that’s required.


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When a child with a disability reaches adulthood, feelings about acceptance by others may linger. If young people learn to accept themselves during their formative years, explore interests, form friendships, accomplish, interact, and socialize at age-appropriate stages, it can help empower a sense of belonging when they’ve grown.

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