Vehicle Modifications, Modified Vehicle Purchase, and Adapted Driver’s License

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Transportation, for a person with a disability, is a major concern because when he or she can’t get from place to place, it tends to restrict him or her from participating in other life activities. For instance, if a person is unable to make it to work, he or she will likely be unable to pay their monthly bills on time.

Options for transportation abound for people with special needs; mass transit is something that’s available to people that live in large metropolitan areas. In other rural communities, however, options are nearly non-existent.

Advances in technology have made private vehicle travel attainable, and even more preferable. More and more, individuals with a disability are able to modify their vehicles and obtain adaptive driver’s licensure to enhance independence. Likewise, for individuals that transport a person with a disability, vehicle modifications that include wheelchair accessibility, vehicle ramps and safety features are a staple.

Whether a person uses mass transit or private vehicle, a mode of transportation must be usable, accessible, safe, and convenient. Finding what works in transportation, however, may require exploration.