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Access to health care facilities, health insurance, adequate shelter, financial stability, government assistance, community support, dedicated education programs, and funding can be extremely beneficial when managing your child’s condition. Being aware of the support systems that are available is the first line of defense in obtaining assistance. Qualifying, applying and following program guidelines are additional steps often required.

MyChild™ has developed Kit No. 422WO – The Care Plan Process as a comprehensive guide to organize your efforts to care for your child. Kit No. 422WO includes

  • The Care Plan Process Outline
  • The Care Team
  • The Diagnosis
  • The Evaluation
  • The Goals
  • The Plan
  • The Record Keeping

This guide provides an overview of the process from diagnosis to management of care. It will provide insight into the many aspects of care, whether at home, at the doctor’s office, during education evaluations, or simply for planning for your child’s future needs.

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