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Are you searching for camp opportunities for your child with Cerebral Palsy?

This kit can help!

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Camp is a rite of passage that many children explore during their school-age years. Camp provides children with the opportunity to develop social skills, gain independence and accomplish. Selecting a camp that can accommodate a young person’s physical and developmental needs while offering fun activities, need not be a chore.

Research indicates that camps are extremely popular with children. According to research conducted by the American Camp Association, 10 million children attended more than 12,000 camps in 2003. Dedicated special needs programs comprised 15 percent of those camps.

Whether you are looking for a camp program exclusively for a child’s particular disability and interest, or prefer a mainstreamed camp environment where camps are accessible and inclusionary, programs abound. There are many traditional residential camps that provide seasonal overnight stay, while day camps take place in recreational, community or educational settings at scheduled times during the year. There are even family camps that offer vacation opportunities for the whole family to enjoy.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, camp accreditation and licensing organizations have tools to guide you through the camp selection and enrollment process. If you would like to explore your camp options don’t delay as camp vacancies fill early, order Kit No. 920FP today.

Kit No. 920 – The Camp Guide includes:

  • Finding a Place for Young, Happy Campers
  • Camp Resources
  • Camp Options

Whether you are looking for a camp experience for your child that can accommodate his or her disability, or one dedicated to the special needs community, this kit can help. Call (800) 692-4453 and request Kit No. 920FP - The Camp Guide today!

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