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Are you trying to improve your child's mobility with Cerebral Palsy?

This kit can help!

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A person’s gait affects his or her entire body; movement that causes stress in too many places lead to pain, or injury. However, if a comprehensive motion and gait analysis is performed by a qualified professional, the nature of a person’s condition can be identified and corrected to improve mobility and avoid discomfort.

Kit No. 444 - Motion and Gait Analysis Kit includes:

  • Information about Gait Analysis
  • Motion and Gait Analysis Resource List

A child with Cerebral Palsy will undergo a battery of medical evaluations. One of the most telling of evaluations, when it comes to Cerebral Palsy’s effect on lower body mobility, is known as gait assessment. Gait assessment tells medical professionals why some individuals walk a certain way, and others don’t. If you believe this information could benefit your child and you would like to learn more, order Kit No. 444 today!

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