The Nutrition, Diet and Feeding Guide

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Do you need more information on nutritional assessments and meal planning?

This kit can help!

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Feeding problems are common and often severe in individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Proper meal planning helps with intake, processing foods and digestion. Learn how to properly manage your child’s nutritional intake, diet and feeding process in ways which can optimize your child’s health by avoiding life threatening conditions such as malnutrition, aspiration and pneumonia.

Kit No. 431 - Nutrition, Diet and Feeding Guide includes:

  • Gastrointestinal, Nutritional and Dietary Conditions Commonly Associated with Cerebral Palsy
  • Nutritional and Dietary Counseling Guide
  • Meal Planning for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
  • Eight Factors Affecting Life Expectancy
  • Goals for Optimizing Life Expectancy Outcome

Proper meal planning and feeding practices are important components of caring for your child’s well-being and maintaining their quality of life. Learn more today!

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Ask for Kit No. 431 - Nutrition, Diet and Feeding Guide

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