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Are you eligible for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI? Unsure?

This kit can help!

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Created in the early 1970s as part of broad social reform, the Supplemental Security Income program is an important aspect of a person’s ability to live independently and thrive despite having a disability. For many families that include an individual with Cerebral Palsy, it’s a lifeline that allows a life that with lessoned financial struggles and uncertainty.

Kit No. 360 - Supplemental Security Income Kit includes:

  • About the Supplementary Security Income Program
  • The Supplemental Security Income Program Contact List

Applying for SSI – or any government aid, for that matter – can be a long process. Sometimes applications are initially denied, it’s crucial that an applicant has all of the necessary paperwork filled out properly, and is able to provide supporting information when an application is submitted. Order The SSI Kit today for other helpful tips.

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