The Medicaid Waivers Kit

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Do you qualify for Medicaid? Medicaid Waivers? Unsure?

This kit can help!

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Medicaid is a health insurance program for families and individuals that have low incomes. It’s a government insurance plan that provides access to health services to qualifying persons in all 50 states that do not have the resources to pay out of pocket for such services.

Kit No. 330 – The Medicaid Waivers Kit includes:

  • About Medicaid Waivers
  • Medicaid Waiver Contact list

Designed to provide families that have a child with developmental disabilities with supportive services and medical care, Medicaid waivers play a vital role in obtaining long-term care – and creating opportunities for independent living. Find out if you qualify for Medicaid Waivers, order Kit No. 330FP today!

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