The Cerebral Palsy Care Plan - Outline

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A plan of care is a road map that will improve a child’s physical, developmental and psychological development. The care plan’s scope involves the input of several professionals that work to assess a child’s abilities and limitations, and devise treatments and accommodations that help expand a child’s capabilities.

Access to health care facilities, health insurance, adequate shelter, financial stability, government assistance, community support, effective education plans, and funding can be extremely beneficial. The care plan outlines various aspects a parent may want to explore while managing their child’s journey with Cerebral Palsy.

Kit No. 321 - The Cerebral Palsy Care Plan - Outline includes:

  • The Management Care Team
  • The Diagnosis
  • The Evaluation
  • The Goals
  • The Plan
  • The Record Keeping

This kit is an easy-to-read overview of a typical care plan. The Care Plan outlines the medical team, medical care, plan goals and record keeping basics. It is a basic overview, however, so when you are ready we have a comprehensive care plan guide for your review.

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