Energy Assistance and Weatherization Guide

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Are you eligible for energy assistance? Unsure?

This kit can help!

Call and request Kit No. 320 - Energy Assistance and Weatherization Guide

This kit provides information on the LIHEAP and WAP programs, state contact information, and beneficial links to help you decipher whether this program is right for your family.

It might surprise parents to know that there are several federal, state and local resources that are designed to make paying energy bills easier and manageable, while other programs provide cash assistance.

Kit No. 320 - Energy Assistance and Weatherization Guide includes:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – Cash assistance for energy bills
  • Weatherization Assistance Program – Make permanent, energy-efficient repairs and upgrades to your home to decrease energy costs
  • Community Block Grant Funds – One-time only cash assistance to modify home or property for energy efficiency
  • Budgeted Payment Plans – Payment options designed to average monthly energy expenses or to pay overdue bills
  • Community Support and Funding – Cash assistance from non-government organizations, community-based organizations and faith-based organizations for families struggling to pay monthly bills
  • Tax Credits for Energy Improvement Purchases – Tax deductions for purchases towards qualified energy efficiency measures

If seeking immediate or long-range options, this kit connects you with the resources that are available in your state.

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Ask for Kit No. 320 - Energy Assistance and Weatherization Guide

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