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Are you in need of convenient access to government resources within your state?

This kit can help!

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Cerebral Palsy can be expensive to families, especially those lacking adequate insurance benefits or those in a low-income situation. Many programs have been developed within the government, at various levels (federal, state, and local), to assist with such needs. The challenge seems to be in understanding what types of programs are available, where to find more information on the programs, how to apply, when to apply, and what to expect during the process.

If you are a parent with a child that was recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, this kit will help you to know what government benefits are available, how to evaluate your health insurance coverage, and outline the care plan process. This kit will introduce you to basic government resources that are available at the local, state and national level. The MyChild™ State Resource Kit provides an introduction to the basics.

Kit No. 201 - State Resource Kit includes:

  • Cost of Cerebral Palsy
  • Government Assistance
  • Reviewing Health Insurance Options
  • Record Keeping Tips

This kit provides some basic options for your family to consider. It is a starter kit, however, so when you are ready we have more!

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