Service Animals

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Imagine a loyal, efficient companion that can help complete everyday tasks, and never has anything but unconditional love for his or her employer. That’s an accurate description of a service animal.

More than just a pet, service animals are capable of lending assistance in situations that are both challenging and diverse. They can fetch a hairbrush that a person needs when they get ready in the morning, they can guide a person across a busy intersection safely, or they can warn of an impending seizure.

Not all animals are trained to fit everyone’s needs, however, which means work is needed to make sure the match between an animal and a human is one that will last.  

Child Care

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Child Care


Finding a child care program or facility that meets the needs of a child with Cerebral Palsy is an expensive undertaking. Luckily, families that meet a certain set of criteria can take advantage of government funding and supports.
Child Care
Government-Assisted Child Care

Child Tax Credits

Ask your tax consultant if you are eligible for:

Ask your employer if they offer pre-tax accounts for child and dependent care.

Government Assistance

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Government Assistance

Government assistance – also known as public assistance – is aid, service or supports that are provided to an individual by a government agency based on established criteria – income, disability, dependency or need, for example. Government resources come in the form of cash, food, services, shelter, technology, supports, and more.
Government Assistance