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Productive and gainful employment is a basic human right, yet individuals with disabilities have a significantly higher level of unemployment than the rest of the population, even though they are well-suited for the workplace.

The ability of a person to obtain – and maintain – meaningful and productive employment is dependent in many ways on the quality of his or her access to secondary education, workforce development programs or skill development. Workforce development resources designed to train, guide, develop, and assist, are slowly closing the gap in economic opportunity that has existed for too long.

Accessible transportation, buildings and workspaces provide access to a sustainable income for people who are willing and qualified to work. And, employers are incentivized to hire persons with special needs.

There are many factors that may hold people back from earning a living, but having a disability shouldn’t be one of them.

Disability Organizations

sisters, one pushing her sister's wheelchair through the park

Disability Organizations

People tend to think about disability in terms of limits placed on a person’s physical, mental, social or developmental ability to function. Once people move past myths and perceptions about disability, they learn that it’s more about a person’s ability to compensate for special needs than it is about not being able to complete tasks in a predictable manner. Disability advocacy is about furthering equal opportunity for inclusion, accessibility and participation for all.
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